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September 03, 2013

Jerry Jones feels pressure of past failures; so excited about making amends in 2013 he can't sleep

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is so excited about the start of the 2013 season with Sunday's season opener against the Giants that he can't sleep.

"Can't sleep, popped up at 4:30 this morning," Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning. "It's just an exciting time to think that we've got the team on the field that we do. This is a big game, we open it up nationally at AT&T Stadium. [It's] almost more than I can handle." 

Jones admittedly feels the pressure of the team's past disappointments, especially the past two 8-8 seasons when the Cowboys missed the playoffs with losses in the final game.

But Jones said his excitement is rooted in his belief that the Cowboys will make a playoff run and finally live up to expectations because of the host of changes the team made in the off season.

“I feel pressure because of the fact that we haven’t met our expectations,” Jones said. “These last two years have been arguably … the most disappointing years in my career with the Cowboys. So, we needed to make some changes, and we did and have. Now, will they work? Will they be effective and productive? That’s what’s there. But we’ve given ourselves a real chance to maximize what [Tony] Romo brings to the table, to maximize our talent.

“I do feel pressure. But we do that to ourselves. We basically shove it all out there. We put it all on the line every time we throw. And I think that’s the only way to go. Consequently, we have big swings. We have big disappointment when we don’t get there. But that doesn’t do anything unless you do something about those disappointments. I think we’ve done that.”

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Jerry is waiting on my blog..each day..it re inforced with facts every change that has been made...he is a smart man..he knew I and the facts was right...and he did the do...thanks Jerry...Im excited also

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