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September 27, 2013

Jerry Jones: Garrett's system should still be evolving, because he's a young coach

Head coach Jason Garrett no longer calls the plays for the Cowboys’ offense, and he doesn’t need to be married to his system, either, owner Jerry Jones said.

“He’s a young coach, and one of the things you’ve got to remember, that you should remember, is that, as a young coach, your system should be evolving,” Jones said Friday on his radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM “The Fan.” “There shouldn’t be a system that you’ve hung on for years and years and years. Ernie Zampese, for instance. Jason’s fresh in his evolving, as far as scheme is concerned.”

Jones gives credit to Garrett for motivating the Cowboys in their 2-1 start as they have made “dramatic change.”

“We haven’t departed away from our numbering, we haven’t departed away from our terminology,” Jones said. “We basically have all of that remaining, as far as the offense is concerned. But we did depart away from some of the philosophy the way we block it, and certainly to the degree that we’ve added a tight end emphasis in it. Plus we’ve added a Romo emphasis in it. That’s changed, too. We’ve had some dramatic change with the Cowboys since last year.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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