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September 08, 2013

Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett is not on the hot seat, he will get more rope because of off season changes

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opened training camp in July saying that this would be no armageddon year for coach Jason Garrett.

Jones is not backing off that statement heading in Sunday’s season opener against the New York Giants. He said that Garrett is not on the hot seat this year.

Garrett has a 21-19 record in two and half years as head coach, including a 16-16 mark the past two seasons combined.

While Jones expects the Cowboys to make a playoff run after three straight seasons out of the postseason, he intimated that Garrett didn’t need to make the playoffs to keep his job.

Jones will give Garrett a little more lee-way beyond won-loss record because his new role as a walk-around coach and the staff changes made in the off season.

“Correct,” Jones said. “That’s really watching him in this new role more than anything. But of course, I already believed in him, had tremendous belief in him. I will use that word belief and respect for him and felt like he has all the right stuff. But we are and have been in a situation where our head coach is growing. There is nothing wrong with that. We are going to benefit from that now and in the future. You take all of that and look at how he has handled this year. It’s just not that kind of year for him. He is not on that kind of hot seat.”

Jones believes in the changes the Cowboys made for the long haul and he says if these changes are the plusses we think they are then Garrett deserves a chance to operate this way because of his continued growth, especially considering that there is no obvious replacement waiting in the wings.

“He deserves a chance to see how this operates,” Jones said. “I’m talking about the change we made. He would deserve a chance to operate this way. If you look at where you might want to go with somebody else, the alternative is not acceptable. And that’s my point. That’s why this not that kind of year with him. I don’t want to get in here and have a guy evolve and grow and he is becoming everything that you want him to be and what he wants to be and then decide to move on. You have had lot of bumps to not wait around for the positive results.”

Told that he had similar strong comments support of Wade Phillips’ future before and during the 2010 season _ the same year the Cowboys opened 1-7 and he fired a coach during the season for the first time ever and replaced him with Garrett _ Jones didn’t bat an eye. He said age and experience were the major differences. He can have more patience with Garrett because he is just getting started.

“The difference is one is much younger,” Jones said. “Wade is all fairness was a very experienced coach and an experienced as a head coach. My point is Jason is every thing I would bet on with a big desire to accomplish and a significant future ahead of him. That fire will be burning based on every thing I can see and can measure. You got to watch placing it all of the won-loss record. You say somebody has to get the blame. Well I get plenty of that. That’s why I can make that statement. We should have success to say as far as Jason is concerned, we are just getting going.”



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