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September 17, 2013

Jerry Jones reminds everyone Cowboys were underdogs going into Kansas City

It was a disappointing loss in Kansas City, but owner Jerry Jones wants fans to keep it in perspective – the Cowboys weren’t expected to win.

“We went in there as the underdog,” Jones said Tuesday on his radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM “The Fan,” asked if he considered the game a lost opportunity. “The Cowboys were the underdog going in the game. The line actually expected us not to win that game. And so, let’s keep that in mind.”

Jones said the environment at Arrowhead Stadium proved as tough as advertised and that the Chiefs were better than their record from last year.

“These aren’t excuses, but it’s a tough place to play,” Jones said. “It’s a real tough place to play to get backed up on your field position most of the day. Now, you can say that’s part of your offense’s problem, that’s a combination of things, and that is correct. They’re a better defensive team. They had either five or six Pro Bowlers, and they’re a better defensive team than their record of last year indicates. And so, give them some credit for being tough to move the ball on. And I think that we found that to be the case.”

Jones said he was impressed by how close the oddsmakers got to their predicted outcome.

“It never ceases to amaze me,” he said. “Actually, they were right. I think, what were they a 3-point favorite? End up losing by one. It never ceases to amaze me how close these things pan out.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jones response demonstrates why Cowboys will not go to Superbowl anytime soon. His reasoning is they were the underdogs. That mentality (always justifying a loss) never wins a Superbowl. It's a wonderful attitude if your coaching peewee league and you are assessing the team for mommy and daddy.but when millions of dollars and mass media is involved it is such a contrast from real football coaches it makes you wonder how jones ever got involved in the sport

I sense that the big fella is back-pedaling. I do not dispute that KC is a brutal place to have to play, their fans are intense. But good ole Jerry having to toss out the point spread as food-for-thought is a little weird.

Jerry, I implore you, PLEASE just go be the owner. Steelers, Giants, two of the most successful franchises...be like those owners, Jerry.

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