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September 17, 2013

Jerry Jones says he has 'no qualms' about screen to Williams, says Cowboys' real problems came before that play

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he has “no qualms” about the call for a screen to rookie Terrance Williams in the red zone against Kansas City.

He said the real problem was getting backed up to begin with, following a sack and a false start.

“We made two mistakes when we got down there after getting the ball first-and-10 on the 5-yard line,” he said. “That’ll mess your red zone up when you turn around, have you an offside, or basically have you a sack.”

The decision to go to Williams meant the Cowboys weren’t going to Dez Bryant, their best playmaker. But Jones, speaking on his Tuesday morning radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM "The Fan," was mild with his criticism.

“Well, I know that on any given play, a quarterback has, usually has, as many as three places to go with the ball, and you can have success sometimes going with the ball where you would have him graded in film room the next day and said, ‘Well, would it have been better for him to go that way, but he went that way, made the completion anyway?’ ” Jones said. “So you know, that’s the discretion of a quarterback, where the ball goes."

On first-and-goal from the 5, quarterback Tony Romo was sacked for a seven-yard loss. After an 8-yard completion to DeMarco Murray produced third-and-goal at the 4, guard Ronald Leary committed a false start.

“Now, that was a call, interior screen play, I don’t have any qualms with that," Jones said. "We were in trouble there – what was it, third-and-8? Third-and-9? We were in trouble there getting in the end zone as it was. I don’t take issues. We were in a little hurried-up situation there, too. So all of that, I think, contributed.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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People focus on the last plays of the game and fail to understand how many missed opportunities there were early on. Both defense and offense left points and yards on the field repeatedly.

Do we REALLY need the owner commenting on whether or not he has a problem with certain plays that are called???

Jerry...in case you;rwe reading this, big guy, go away and just be the owner. Please!! Thats all the fans of the Cowboys want....they want you to cxontinue being a great owner, but keep your hands and thoughts away from the team.

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