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September 10, 2013

JUST CHILL: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says maturing receiver Dez Bryant must prove he can handle success

Clarence Hill

The Cowboys got good news Tuesday morning regarding the magnetic resonance imaging exam on receiver Dez Bryant's sprained foot.

Per a source, the result came back negative. It is a mild foot sprain and while he may be limited in practice this week, the Cowboys expect him to play in Sunday's game against the Chiefs.

The big question is what type of impact Bryant will have after just four passes for 22 yards in the season opener against a Giants defense focused on stopping from making the big play.

It's part of the new world order that Bryant will have to deal with for the rest of his career, per coach Jason Garrett.

Known for his volatlity in the past, Bryant handled the situation well after the game on Sunday, saying all the right things and expressing happiness with the Cowboys victory and patience that his time will come.

It was just another of example of the corner has seemingly turned as a person and football player over the last year to solidify his place as a foundational player for years to come.

Still owner Jerry Jones is taking a wait-and-see approach towards Bryant’s new found maturity and a possible contract extension.

Jones said Bryant has made strides overcoming some bad times the first three years of his career _ albeit most of his own doing _ but now he must prove he can handle success.

“Based on the way he prepared himself this year compared to last year and he had a pretty good year he is better prepared this year than last year, which is an arrow up,” Jones said. “You got to be able to deal with your frustration and failure as well as your successes. You got to manage both of those frauds and so we will see. He did a good job dealing with some of his disappointments and failure. He has done a good job. But he has probably got more success than setback coming. And if he can deal with that which can be harder to deal with than failure then we will see.”

Bryant’s contract is up at the end of next season. But with him coming off a breakout campaign in 2012 and expecting to put up even bigger numbers in 2013, there has been talk of the Cowboys possibly locking him up with a long-term deal before then.

Of course, the team doesn’t have the cap space to do something before the end of the season. The off season leading up to his contract year could be a different story

But it seemed odd that Jones didn’t even want to explore the conversation.

“As you know we don’t get anything into contracts until we announce them,” Jones said.

Well, can you say it’s on your to do list?

“I don’t talk about it,” Jones said. “Really, I don’t. It’s not good.”

Of course, Jones did just that in training camp in regarding a possible deal with linebacker Sean Lee just a couple weeks before signing him to a contract extension.

“When we look at things we need to do short and long term, he’s on that list,” Jones said of Lee in August. “His agreement is on that list. That would be the best way to say it. Those things have to fit. In terms of our planning and management of our cap dollars and our future, we’re planning on having him on the team. We do plan on it and we factor it in when we look at what we have to spend next year.” 


Clarence Hill



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