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September 09, 2013

Morris Claiborne's left shoulder pops out of place, but he returns with a brace

Morris Claiborne missed off of the preseason with a knee injury. He briefly left Sunday's game with a left shoulder injury.

Claiborne said his shoulder came out of place, and after the team's medical staff popped it back into place, he returned with a shoulder harness.

"I wasn’t even worried about the pain," Claiborne said. "I was hurting, but I wasn’t worried about the pain. I was more worried that my shoulder was out, that I’m injured again, I’m going through this whole process of being injured again. That was my big concern. I wasn’t stunting the pain. I just wanted them to get it back, so I can get back on the field and not have to miss no time. I've just got to stay healthy. I can't control it when things happen. I've just got to stay healthy and continue to be on the field with my teammates."

Claiborne was tackling tight end Brandon Myers when Myers' left leg rocked Claiborne's shoulder. Claiborne was replaced by B.W. Webb on that series before returning on the next.

The second-year veteran said that was the first time his shoulder ever has popped out of place. He expects to continue to wear the shoulder brace this week.

"We’ll see this week in practice how I can adjust with it," he said. "…I knew it was there, but I don’t know if it was going to stop anything. I don’t really know. I don’t think it’ll stop anything."

Claiborne missed most of training camp and all of the preseason after he injured his knee Aug. 6.

"I felt pretty good when I was out there, just getting back into actual game mode," Claiborne said. "I was just proud and happy that I was out there and a part of this defense and this whole team. We went out today, and we laid it out on the field."

-- Charean Williams



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