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September 04, 2013

Romo doesn't want to look ahead right now, much less to Sunday: 'We're not even thinking about stepping on the field yet'

The start of the season is here, and as tempting as it is to think of what the Cowboys can accomplish with a new play-caller and new offense and defense, Tony Romo does not want to think ahead.

“I think you try to avoid big-picture stuff right now,” he said Wednesday, talking to reporters at Valley Ranch. “You just look at the New York Giants, and then you just tighten it up from there and just look at Wednesday.”

He said each day has its own significance during the week. Sunday will be Sunday when it gets here.

“We do a lot of stuff on Monday and Tuesday to get ready for later in the week, as far as third-down and red zone and different things, but more than that, I think you get here on Wednesday and you take care of the base and the things that they’re going to do,” he said. “And then once you get done with that, you go over it and see what you’re going to do for sure and going to take out and then you go back to Thursday.”

In a conference call, New York reporters asked him the same thing. Is this the year the Cowboys make the playoffs?

“It's a great question, but more than anything, you can't look that far ahead,” Romo told them. “Literally, we're in the first Wednesday of the first game of the season, and so our objective right now is to figure out a way to come up with the best plan possible to beat the Giants. And then from there, it's go out and execute the plan on Wednesday. We're not even thinking about actually stepping on the field yet. It's about getting the stuff tightened up that we need to here to give us the best chance to go out come Sunday and just play 100 miles per hour.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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