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September 28, 2013

Romo says best teams have QBs who get time to go through reads at normal pace, which is happening for him now

Tony Romo said he can tell the offensive line is better this year just because he has more time.

And that means he is making fewer decisions “under duress.”

“There have been several cases where I’ve been able to get through – I’ll get through reads pretty quickly, normally – but the ability to not necessarily get through them as fast as I would have to previously, I can see the difference sometimes in that,” he said. “It’s been, a little bit, not having to make as many decisions under duress and trying to move the football under those circumstances.”

Romo has been intercepted only once this year. He has been sacked six times. He has a quarterback rating of 103.9, fifth in the NFL.

“The best teams in the league, the teams that go on and give themselves a chance later in the year, they have quarterbacks who are able to get through progressions at normal speed,” Romo said, talking to reporters Wednesday at Valley Ranch. “That’s what you’re trying to do.”

The Cowboys have almost entirely changed out the interior linemen from last season, when Romo threw 19 interceptions, was sacked 36 times and finished with a quarterback rating of 90.5, 10th in the league.

Travis Frederick is the new center, Ron Leary is the new left guard, and this week, Brian Waters will likely take over full-time at right guard. Last year, the Cowboys played with Phil Costa and Ryan Cook at center, Nate Livings at left guard and Mackenzy Bernadeau at right guard.

The improvement in the interior line has allowed more variety in the offense, Romo said.

“In the past, we weren’t necessarily able to do some stuff that you wanted to, and you kind of had to manufacture a different way sometimes,” he said. “It could work sometimes, but it could also get you in trouble at other times.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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No Romo...that's not..entirely..accurate. The best team's quarterbacks are able to get it done no matter what is happening around them. A quarterback will NEVER be able have a normal pace on pass plays...all the time. He has to be able to make adjustments if the pocket collapses by way of improvising or just throwing the ball away and live for the next play. Sometimes you can go thru your reads and sometimes you can't. A quarterback just has to not make the bad play. Something you have been doing at season's end for quite sometime.

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