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September 16, 2013

The Cowboys are left running in place with only 37 rushing yards

DeMarco Murray didn't have a good answer about the Cowboys' lack of a running game. Maybe the Rams will provide one.

The last time Murray played the Rams, in his first extended playing time with Felix Jones sidelined, Murray rushed for 253 yards on 25 carries. He has had only three 100-yard games since.

Murray had only 12 carries for 25 yards Sunday as the Cowboys were left running in place.

"We didn’t run it enough,” Murray said. “We kind of got to the pass. It’s nothing to talk about or discuss.

“…It’s something I can’t control. We have a good O-line. It was shaky at first, but I thought the holes were opening up to get a good rhythm.”

The Cowboys vowed to run it more and run it better this season after having the fewest rushing yards in team history for a 16-game season a year ago. They had 87 yards on 23 carries against the Giants last week and ran for 37 yards on 16 carries against the Chiefs. The 37 yards included two Tony Romo scrambles for 3 yards and a Terrance Williams' receiver screen that was ruled a lateral.

“It’s about the game we’re playing that day,” Romo said. “I think if we have more possessions, we run the ball more. If we have a lead in the fourth quarter, we run the ball more. I don’t know if there is a magic number. More than anything, we have to run it a little bit better. We want to run it more. I know Bill does, and Jason [Garrett] and I do. It’s just we need to get it going a little bit. We’ve just got to do that.”

Five times in the past 12 games the Cowboys have rushed for fewer than 50 yards. They have not had a 100-yard rusher since Murray rushed for 131 in the 2012 season opener against the Giants.

“We’ve struggled a little bit,” backup running back Lance Dunbar said. “We’ve got to keep working on it, keep practicing.”

-- Charean Williams


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Do you hear the common theme that all of these guys are spewing? I am talking Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Romo, and everyone else involved....they all agree that the Cowboys "have to do a better job of running the ball". Here's the problem: these guys have absolutely NO CLUE as to how to go about it. They simply dont have clue # 1. "gotta get better", "gotta do a better job", "we just gotta make it work". We're going into week # 3. These problems should've been FIXED by now; the only thing left to do SHOULD be a few adjustments and some small tweaking. But not with the Dallas Cowboys. Not when you have Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett running the show. LOL. What a disaster this franchise is.

“We’ve struggled a little bit,” backup running back Lance Dunbar said.

I guess he'd refer to WWII as "a little disagreement".

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