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October 08, 2013

Beasley score an example of what Cowboys were trying to do with Williams in KC, Garrett says

Jason Garrett held up Cole Beasley’s score as an example of how red-zone passes don’t have to go into the end zone to become touchdowns.

Asked if the play to Beasley in the fourth quarter against the Broncos was similar to the throw to Terrance Williams at Kansas City, Garrett said they are “completely different” plays, but both can get the ball to the end zone.

“It was really well blocked on the edge,” Garrett said of Beasley’s catch at left end, in which he beat a defender to the pylon. “Both the outside receivers blocked their guys – I think it was Terrance and Dwayne. They blocked their guys outside, and Cole did a really good job just kind of getting to the pylon.

“The guy that was covering him was coming from the inside out because the guy came from the slot. Tony saw the whole thing, spit it out to him, and it was a really well-executed play.”

Garrett said he sees short passes turned into scores all the time.

“There are a lot of catch and runs down in the red zone because, typically, when teams are playing coverage, they’re sitting right there on that line, and they’ve got eight guys in the end zone, and they’re not going to let you throw it in the end zone,” he said. “So sometimes you have to have some catch and runs. Tony recognized what they were doing.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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