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October 07, 2013

Bryant believes Cowboys can take explosive mentality from loss to Broncos: 'To score on every possession'

Dez Bryant did not like the loss, but he thinks the Cowboys found something on offense out of it.

“I feel damned good about the way we played,” he said Monday at Valley Ranch. “I just feel like if we keep doing that, we can stack some wins up.”

Bryant, who caught six passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns, said the game can be a foundation for the offense.

“I think what we take from it is how explosive we played, the mindset that we had – to go out there and try to score on every possession,” he said. “I think we did a great job of that. It ain’t like we played some mediocre team. We just have to build on the success and learn from those mistakes that we made.”

Bryant said the Cowboys showed something in coming back from a 35-20 deficit.

“We were explosive. We didn’t back down like everybody expected us to,” he said. “We went in at halftime, 28-20, and they came back out and scored. It was 35-20. I know a lot of people thought we were going to fold. Terrance came back over the top, 82 yards, big-yard play for a TD, big post route.”

Bryant described the mentality the Cowboys took in facing off against the league’s top quarterback and offense.

“It was to fight, fight, fight,” Bryant said. “We knew it was going to be a battle going in. Like I said, we weren’t going to back down, and we didn’t. Like I said, we just have to take care of some minor things, which I feel like, each and every week, those minor things are decreasing. So we’ve just got to keep on. We’ve got to stack plays on top of plays – good plays.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Dez has the right idea. Maybe you can't score 48 every game, but you'll win more games if play with the sense of URGENCY you played with yesterday.

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