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October 19, 2013

Bryant put rivalry with DeAngelo Hall to bed; now he's got to work on new Eagles corner Cary Williams

Dez Bryant has tamed the rivalry between him and DeAngelo Hall  of the Redskins.

Now he’s got another to work on.

He got called out by cornerback Cary Williams, then with the Ravens, after he dropped a two-point conversion pass last year in Baltimore. Bryant thought it was interference. Williams said Bryant should take responsibility for a drop.

So the topic might come up again on the field Sunday because Williams is now with the Eagles.

“Hopefully he left that where it was at,” Bryant said this week. “It’s competition, man. That gets some people going – talking. That really don’t do nothing. That really don’t help some people out in certain situations. … At that time, it was just the heat of the moment. I felt the same way. He felt the same way. The past is the past. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.”

Bryant said he and DeAngelo Hall, who used to try to push his buttons, played a respectful game against each other last week.

“Oh yeah. There was no noise talking,” Bryant said. “It was more on some respect stuff. I think that’s where me and him stand.”

Bryant said he is better equipped to handle his emotions now than in his first years in the league.

“Each and every day. I got a little boy, and he makes me feel old, and I think that comes along with everything else, and as far as everything that I do,” Bryant said. “Sometimes it gets tiring. It all depends on who it is, what’s it about, what’s his ploy, what you’re trying to prove, if you’re trying to prove anything. That’s when that kind of stuff comes out.”

So what is Bryant trying to prove?

“I’m not trying to prove anything,” he said. “I’m just going to go in and play my game like everybody else.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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