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October 07, 2013

Cowboys had Ware crashing line to stop cutback, not watching out for a Peyton bootleg

DeMarcus Ware was out of position to stop Peyton Manning’s bootleg because they Cowboys didn’t have him looking for it.

“It was a great sales job,” coach Jason Garrett said of the surprise touchdown play by Manning, which he pulled out of the air on his own. “DeMarcus Ware came down the line of scrimmage. That’s what we asked him to do. It’s something they haven’t shown before, and they did a good job. He came down and was going to try to defend the cutback – if the ball cut up, he’s there to make the play.”

Instead, Manning faked the handoff, kept the ball and looped back around the left end vacated by Ware. Only linebacker Bruce Carter saw Manning, but too late, and he was too far away.

The 37-year-old Manning ambled in on a gentle run.

Asked if it was the slowest touchdown he’d ever seen scored, Garrett allowed himself a smile and said, “Painfully slow.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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This Cowboys defense is playing worse than evn I expected. I blame Jerry for hiring 89 year old Monte Kiffin. That defense of his just won't work anymore. Add the fact...we don't have a few guys on that side that's conducive to running that defense in the first place. We definitedly don't have a defensive line..starting with a Warren Sapp type.

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