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October 21, 2013

Cowboys may shut down Miles Austin to get him healthy; emboldened by play of Williams and Beasley

Receiver Miles Austin returned two games ago from a hamstring injury that caused him to miss two games.

He has not had a catch since his return and only played in 37 of 77 possible snaps against the Eagles Sunday.

Coach Jason Garrett said Austin, who was held out of practice last Thursday and Friday, is still bothered by the injury and intimated that the Cowboys might rest him a game or two so he can get fully healthy

“We had a lot of injuries prior to the ballgame that allowed us to dress Miles regardless,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He warmed up well so we gave him a chance to play in the ballgame. I thought he did fine. He’s not quite himself. He really had a good start to the season, had some good explosiveness and quickness to him, and was productive for us. Then he tweaked his hamstring a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t been the same. We’ve got to make sure we get him healthy, and hopefully we can do that and have some other guys play for him until he’s ready to really roll.” 

The Cowboys are able to be patient and cautious with Austin because of the break out play of receiver Terrence Williams and Cole Beasley. Williams had six catches for 71 yards and a touchdown Sunday. Beasley had six catches and 53 yards against the Eagles. 

Since Austin last reception against the Rams in Week Three, Williams has 19 catches for 320 yards and three touchdowns and Beasley has 17 catches for 160 yards and a score.

"Each of those guys in their roles has stepped up over the last few weeks," Garrett said. "I think Tony has a real comfort level with them. He’s not afraid to go to them at all. In fact, when there is a matchup that is favorable for us involving those guys, he’s excited and he throws the ball there with confidence. They’ve made a lot of plays for him. When you add that to the mix of some of the other play-making guys we have on offense, it can be challenging to an opposing defense."

Clarence Hill 


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Translated: Austin is on the trading block and Detroit needs a #2 guy to play opposite Megatron. (hint, hint)

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