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October 02, 2013

It's Peyton! Peyton! Peyton! this week at Valley Ranch

The line became a part of the urban dictionary in an episode of The Brady Bunch. when Jan was complaining about the attention her older sister Marcia was getting. "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" Jan whined.

This week at Valley Ranch, it's Peyton! Peyton! Peyton!

Of the 20 questions Jason Garrett answered in his press conference Wednesday, 10 were about Peyton Manning. The Broncos quarterback was a hot topic in the locker room, too.

"People are saying, 'Boy, Peyton Manning is really on a roll,'" Garrett said. "It started in about 1998. He's as good a quarterback that's ever played in a decade and half. He's just playing really, really well. His preparation is like none other. His command is like none other; his competitive spirit is like none other; and he's just a fantastic player."

Manning has 16 touchdowns and no interceptions in four games. The Cowboys see him and the Broncos offense, which is averaging 44.8 points and 483 yards per game, as a challenge. Dallas ranks 19th overall, including 27th against the pass.

"Honestly, we’re just trying to win a football game," Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick said. "It’s the next football game. No. 5. So happens to be that we’re going against one of the greatest players to ever play in the National Football League. And definitely one of the greatest quarterbacks, if not the greatest quarterback to ever play."

The Cowboys claim they're not sick of all the Manning talk. Yet anyway.

"When you play as well as he’s played, that’s what the topic of conversation is going to be," linebacker Sean Lee said. "They’ve played extremely well and that’s the deal. We know it’s going to be an extreme challenge."

-- Charean Williams



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