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October 23, 2013

Jason Hatcher says Grambling State remains close to his heart but is embarrassed about current state of affairs there

Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher is admittedly embarrassed about what's going on at his beloved Grambling State, which forfeited a game last week after players walked out in protest over poor conditions in the locker room and long bus rides, stemming from a lack of funding and political infighting
"A bunch of nonsense, man," Hatcher said. "I don't want to be negative about a situation like that because Grambling was so close to my heart. I wouldn’t be here without Grambling. I just hope the situation gets better. I heard the guys showed back up to practice. I’m just going to continue to pray for them.
"I think it should have been handled way before this kind of blew up," Hatcher continued. "This is a really sensitive situation, man. It kind of hurt me. It’s kind of embarrassing in a sense. It shouldn’t happen, man. It shouldn’t happen at all. I feel sorry for those kids. Hopefully it’ll get better."

Hatcher understands the funding issue but can't get with the firing of Grambling legend and former Redskins Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams as coach last month _ a issue that is at the root of the political infighting that is also part of the controversy. Hatcher said Williams is second only to legendary football coach Eddie Robinson in Grambling history.
"One thing you don’t do is you don’t fight Doug Williams," Hatcher said. "That’s like Peyton Manning going to Tennessee and you firing him. Something you absolutely don’t do. At least ask him to step down. You don’t fire the guy. That’s the wrong thing to do at Grambling State University . When you think of Grambling, you think of two people and that’s Eddie Robinson and Doug Williams. It’s just a bad situation."
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