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October 04, 2013

Jerry Jones didn't go after Peyton Manning as a free agent because of his commitment in Tony Romo

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has tons of respect for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning heading into Sunday's game at AT&T Stadium.

He says Manning is playing some of the best football of his career for the undefeated Broncos and calls him a dear friend. But Jones said the Cowboys didn't pursue Manning in free agency last year because of his commitment and belief in quarterback Tony Romo.

"I was so committed to Romo, so committed to his future," Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM. "Of course, Peyton has been a friend for a long time and someone we respect a lot. There were a lot of moving parts during that particular time. The real reason it didn’t work out is because we are as committed as we are to Tony."

Clarence Hill


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BS. Jerry couldn't have gotten Peyton. No way Peyton would play for Jerry. Name a sought after free agent who chose the Cowboys recently. Jerry is horrible at evaluating talent and he gets loser coaches because nobody who is good would work for Jerry.

That comment proves why Jerry is not fit to manage his own franchise. You cannot be emotionally attached to your players and expect to succeed. Manning has far better career stats, leadership, work ethic and demands perfection from the players around him. Jerry even stated when Romo signed his new contract that he expected Romo to put in Peyton-like game planning. Yes Romo is athletic, throws for a lot of yards consistently, but you have to look at the big picture. Those yards don't win games, winners win games. Romo doesn't know how to win. Parcelles wasn't around long enough to teach him how. Sean Peyton turned Drew Brees into a winner, as did Norv Turner with Troy Aikman. Tony has never had a winning coach, or GM for that matter.

Jerry is just brain dead in his belief in Romo. Should have traded Romo after last season and got our next franchise quarterback in this past draft.

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