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October 02, 2013

Jerry Jones says Cowboys push their brand aggressively, and when they don't win, it creates 'a lot of discontent'

The Cowboys have created their own burden of expectations, owner Jerry Jones acknowledged on his radio show Tuesday.

“We push it out there. We certainly try every way we can to have the Cowboys front and center,” Jones told KRLD 105.3 FM “The Fan” in his weekly radio appearance. “We do it with our great stadium. We try to do it every chance we get on television. That’s the lineage of the Cowboys. For years, the Cowboys under Tex Schramm were one of the few teams that carried media on the plane with it when it traveled away.

“So the Cowboys have always been about creating interest, creating attention.”

But for the eighth time in 11 years, the Cowboys are 2-2 out of the gate. Since winning the Super Bowl in January 1996, they are a .500 team.

“When you live in a world of parity and you can basically take the, if you will, visibility of the Cowboys and really push it out there – push it out there locally, you can push it out there nationally – then you’re going to create some diminished, some problems, with expectations when you don’t win the football game.”

The Cowboys have made seven playoff appearances since their last championship but have advanced only twice. They remain one of the NFL’s most-watched and valuable teams, however, and Jones was asked if the Cowboys are living off their brand.

“We’re living the brand. We’re making the brand,” Jones said with vigor. “I don’t say you live off the brand, but you do the kinds of things that help create interest. It’s well-know, the Cowboys, in the non-NFL cities, the kind of interest that we have. That’s interest there. That can be two kinds of interest – that can be positive interest, that can be people tuning in to see them get beat.

“The main thing is, they’re relevant, and that’s important. And I feel very strongly when you have your good times and you can really do some good with it.”

Jones said the changes the Cowboys made in the offseason were spurred by his desire to get them out of the 8-8 “rut” they have been in for two years.

“Now, nobody guarantees you .500 in this league,” he said. “You’ve got to really get in here, and you’ve got to have games like we had the other day, the one against Kansas City, you’ve got to figure out how to win at least half of those games on the road. So bottom line is, we’ve got to play to the occasion. We didn’t play well. We hit a team that if you look on paper, you look at the shape they were in on paper, we had a good chance to win that game, even though it was on the road. And when you don’t do that, it’s going to create a lot of discontent.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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