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October 06, 2013

The Cowboys defense is on a streak... and not a good one

The Cowboys have allowed more than 500 yards in back-to-back games. After the Chargers rolled to 506 against the Cowboys last week, Denver had 517.

Dallas allowed the most yards in team history last season, but it is on pace to allow even more this year.

The Cowboys are giving up 409.2 yards per game.

The Broncos’ 51 points was the third-most the Cowboys have allowed in their history. They gave up 54 to Minnesota in 1970 and 52 to St. Louis in 1962.

Dallas is allowing 27.3 points per game.

“Defensively, we were just terrible,” Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said. “This is no way around it. We were just terrible across the board. Fifty-one points? Unbelievable. We need to take a look at ourselves, visually and collectively and find a way because we let the team down.”

-- Charean Williams


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The ineffectiveness of this defense is disturbing. And enough about the greatness of the Broncos. I get it. However, if you are a top-tier team or want to be one, you should not allow a team to hang 51 pts on you, score TDs on five consecutive possessions and not force even one punt. Then, the week before you get carved up by Philip Rivers. The same Philip Rivers, playing behind a patchwork OL, that I watched the Raiders pretty much shut down last night. For one, the team really needs to consider some type of dime package so the LBs can stay out of some the mismatches teams are exploiting. Also, I think it will come a time (sooner or later) when you have take a hard look at your personnel, which I think it is probably overrated. You change coaches with little positive impact. The constant in this mess has the players.

Romo threw 5 TDs, over 500 yards. Romo and the offense did their job EXTREMELY well today. . Romo and his offense outplayed the Denver defense. Manning and the Denver offense outperformed the Dallas Kiffen Defense. BOTH Quarterbacks threw an interception today.
I had expected Denver to outscore Dallas by 20 or more points. The Vegas line was 7 1/2 points.
Dallas lost by 3 points when Coach Garrett & Kiffen didn't have the good sense to allow Moreno to run in and score on their final drive in hopes of giving Romo another 1:30 minutes time to score a TD and a 2-point conversion, but the Dallas Defense had major suction all day long.
Conversely... Rob Ryan is doing very well in New Orleans... under another coach that Jerry let get away.
Romo should NOT be the whipping boy on this deal.

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