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November 04, 2013

Choker? Tony Romo engineers 19th comeback win; feels like Michael Jordan

Keep believing the narrative that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo plays his worst when it matters most. Call him a career choker if you want.
The facts are that Romo has a better fourth quarter quarerback rating than any quarterback in NFL history. He has the most comeback wins in franchise history _ yes, more than Captain Comeback himself, Cowboys Hall of Famer Roger Staubach.
Romo's 19th career comeback win clinched a 27-24 victory against the Vikings Sunday and left him feeling a little bit like NBA legend Michael Jordan.
The Cowboys got the ball back at their own 10, trailing by 3 points, with 2:44 to play. Romo went 7-for-9 for 90 yards and the game-winning, 7-yard touchdown to Dwayne Harris with 35 seconds left.
"Relief is never a term I would use," Romo said. "It’s a joy. You feel like you won the football game, and you feel like you gave yourself a chance to win at that point. More than anything it’s a little more competitive than that, if that makes sense ... I just picture Michael Jordan over Xavier McDaniel where he’s just kind of aggressively being, 'Yes!' That’s the feeling you have. Without swearing, you want to be like that."
Clarence Hill


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