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November 04, 2013

Garrett has no comment on Miami situation but says coaches have to keep eye out for bullying

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett declined to comment on the bullying situation going on with the Miami Dolphins right now that has center Richie Incognito suspended and guard Jonathan Martin away from the team.

But Garrett says hazing has been part of the culture of the NFL for years and that coaches have to keep an eye out for it so it doesn't go too far. 

"Absolutely. There’s some things that have happened in football for a long, long time. Rookies singing at dinner, rookies carrying shoulder pads, rookies buying fried chicken as you go to the airplane, all that stuff," Garrett said. "That’s been around forever and that’s part of the process and part of what this league has been about for a long, long time. Hopefully it’s always done in a way where it’s developing team camaraderie and team chemistry and it’s good for your team. If it comes close to crossing the line, it certainly has to be addressed. I haven’t seen it like that in my career as a player, as a coach. You try to keep your eye on any of those kind of things but I haven’t really seen it being an issue in the past."

Garrett believes he has the right kind of guys on the Cowboys and they have a good locker room work environment.

But he also says the team has mechanisms in place to handle situations and support their players.

 "You certainly want to have the right kind of guys on your team and you want to build team chemistry and camaraderie on your team," Garrett said. "We always hope the lines of communication are open. We have a lot of resources in this building. Coaches, player development people, a lot of different resources players can go to hopefully to help them with any situation that comes up – on the field, off the field, in this building or outside of it. We want to make sure they always understand that and we’re here to help them."

 Clarence Hill


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