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November 27, 2013

Garrett has not forgotten that Terrelle Pryor might see action for Raiders

The Cowboys are prepared for Matt McGloin, but they know there’s a chance Terrell Pryor might play, also.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Raiders offensive line coach Tony Sporano is good with running quarterbacks.

“Tony does a great job incorporating that type of a player into the scheme,” Garrett said. “It’s a power-running football team, and that’s what he’s always liked. And that’s why he’s been so good as a coach. He believes in that and does it well, and does it with a lot of different pieces, depending on what team he’s with.”

Pryor has run for 504 yards and two touchdowns. The Raiders are now going with McGloin, but they used a wildcat formation twice last week against Tennessee.

“I think they did a really good job using the quarterback, and now a different quarterback’s playing,” Garrett said. “But there’s always the threat of that other quarterback coming in.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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