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November 24, 2013

Garrett says Bryant did 'hell of a job' despite fumble, just needs reminder to stay focused

Coach Jason Garrett said he talked to Dez Bryant after the game about the fumble that lost yardage for the Cowboys in the fourth quarter and reminded him about staying focused.

“The best players I’ve been around have been able to somehow, some way focus on the task at hand,” Garrett said. “Dez is a dynamic player; he’s made a lot of plays for us for a long time, and he made a bad play in the game. The ball came out. We had what would have been a manageable third down, if not a first down, and the ball gets knocked out of his hand, and we end up having a 3rd and 30. It’s hard to make those, and Dez is an emotional guy and somehow, some way we got him focused back at what the task at hand was.”

Bryant’s fumble, as he tried to gain yardage east-west, went out of bounds. The Cowboys retained possession, but they faced a third-and-30 at their 31, trying to protect a 21-13 lead with 12 minutes left in the game.

The Cowboys didn’t convert the third down, and although the Giants didn’t do anything with the ensuing possession, they tied the game on the next possession.

Bryant finished with nine catches for 102 yards on 16 targets.

“The best big-time players I’ve been around play big in the big-time moments, and I think he had three catches on that last drive,” Garrett said. “It appeared to me that he had a fourth catch – you guys saw that better than I did. But he came up big. Again, a guy who gets a lot of attention from an opposing defense and showed up big during that drive, getting us down in there for the game-winner. I thought he did a hell of a job.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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