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November 19, 2013

Hatcher got two weeks away from the pounding, but says, 'If I could trade it, I would want to play'

Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher has had two Sundays without a physical beating on his body, which could help him be fresher for the last six weeks.

But if he had a choice, he’d take the two weeks of physical beating.

“If I could trade it all, I would want to play,” he said Monday at Valley Ranch. “I wouldn’t want to take these two weeks off because you lose a lot of foot speed, technique and timing. You have to sort of get it back in one week. It’s easy to lose your technique and timing of the game. Hopefully I ain’t too rusty when I get back.”

Hatcher said his concern was that he couldn’t even work on technique on the side during the week after he suffered the stinger in the Vikings game. But he said he is able to do that again.

“I absolutely couldn’t do nothing because my arm was shot,” he said. “I’m back doing my technique stuff with Coach Marinelli every day. It’s like training camp. When I’m not working, I work with him just trying to get my timing right.”

Hatcher said he feels “a lot stronger” at this point this week than at the same point last week.

“I’m excited where I’m at, strength-wise,” he said. “I’m comfortable about playing today. I’m pretty sure I can do my job. Last week, I couldn’t do it. It has come a long ways. I rehabbed over the break while I was in LA. I worked it out as much as I could. We’ll just see how it responds out the course of the week. But I’m preparing to play in this game. It’s going to be hard to keep me off the field because I need to be out there with my teammates to help my team win.”

Hatcher said it feels like a fresh start for him and the rest of the team.

“Everything is on the up and up for us,” he said. “Guys are getting healthy. We’re very excited for Sunday. I’m very excited to be back. As I know right now, I’m playing Sunday, so very excited. I can’t wait.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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