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November 25, 2013

Jerry Jones proud of Monte Kiffin and defense, but acknowledges Giants are no Saints on offense

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wouldn’t go so far as to say the Monte Kiffin and the defense redeemed themselves, but he was glad to see that performance instead of something like the Saints game.

“I hesitate to say the word ‘redeem,’ but I sure thought he called in there and our defense played well out there tonight,” Jones said in the locker room Sunday night. “And I know that’s not Sean Payton. I mean, that is not the Saints. That may be a more accomplished quarterback than Sean Payton. So don’t let me misspeak there.”

Jones may have meant Drew Brees; that Eli Manning has more Super Bowl championships than Brees. What he was trying to say is the Giants offense isn’t a test like the Saints offense.

“New Orleans, after we got behind the curve there where we were in the game and they could really tee off on us, I really understood completely what we were up against defensively there,” Jones said. “What I thought was different tonight was, when we needed to, offensively, we kept the ball. When we really needed to, we were able to put the drives together and keep the drives off the field.”

Still, Jones said he was “really proud” of Kiffin, who he said last week he would rather have “managing” the attempt to improve the defense during the bye week than anyone else.

“Really proud for this defensive staff overall,” Jones said. “Overall, we had a couple of breakdowns, but I’m going to give the Giants credit for that.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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