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November 03, 2013

Jerry Jones says he thinks season is in trouble any time bad things happen for Cowboys

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he can see the season flashing before his eyes every time something bad happens.

“Every time we have a turnover or a three-and-out, I would get a glimpse of that,” he said after the Cowboys’ squeaker against the one-win Minnesota Vikings. “I really do, and that’s not good, and I’m glad I’m not trying to pull the trigger out there, being one of those players.”

With less than five minutes to go, the Cowboys were on the verge of a two-game losing streak, being under .500 and having their division lead erased. But they rallied with a 90-yard game-winning drive, handling an end-of-game situation well enough to win, unlike last week.

“We’ve got a lot of practice of being in those situations lately – too much. So maybe if we can win some of them, then we can get up earlier in the game,” Jones said. “I thought when we went 10 points up, we were a possession away from really having a better feeling about the game. But to their credit, they came back.”

Jones spoke with admiration of quarterback Tony Romo on the last drive.

“Romo was really able to execute his will there,”’ he said. “We should win one when they’re all coming down as close as this. We ought to win our share of them, and this was one we won today.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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