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November 18, 2013

Jerry Jones tells CBS News he hears the criticism and feels the pain: 'I think I love the pain'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he listens to talk radio “more than anyone” and that criticism hurts, but deep down, maybe he likes it.

“I think I love the pain,” he said in an interview with CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford broadcast Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “Certainly, criticism hurts, but it, boy – fuels your ambition. It makes me think, ‘I wanna show them.’ ”

Jones said he does hear the criticism for putting out a Cowboys team that has only one playoff victory in 17 seasons, and he chooses not block it out.

“No, no. As a matter of fact, I probably listen to more talk radio than anyone,” Jones said.

The interviewer replied, “Do you really? You hear it?”

Jones said, “I think I love the pain.”

Jones then told a story about how he didn’t mind a little pain in the doctor’s office after a “serious” loss one week.

“I was doing a lot of blood work, and they said, ‘We want to be sure and get this nurse in that really knows how to be gentle and get it done quickly on the first time,’ “ Jones said. “And I said, ‘This morning, I need one that needs to try 10 times. I want some pain.’ ”

The reporter asked, “Literally, this happened?”

Jones said, “That happened. And I need to cry a little bit. And so, that’s not a bad thing.”

Jones was asked if he considers making a change at general manager, the position he has held since buying the Cowboys in 1989.

Jones gave his stock answer.

“My experience has been the closer your top management is to the man that writes the check, or the man that is the financial backbone of the team, the better operation you have,” he said.

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