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November 26, 2013

Murray says he is being selective when he steps out of bounds, will take on defender 'more times than not'

DeMarco Murray said he is trying to be selective about when he delivers a blow to a defender and when he goes out of bounds, responding to the idea from coach Jason Garrett that he could have done a better job of finishing some runs Sunday against the Giants.

Most notably, there was a 30-yard run by Murray in which he stepped out of bounds rather than take on an oncoming safety.

“There were some times that DeMarco needs to finish runs better. There’s no question about that,” Garrett said Monday at Valley Ranch, asked if he’d like to see more “fight” out of Murray. Garrett had just been talking about managing Dez Bryant’s desire to always get more yards.

“Sometimes backs do what he did yesterday,” Garrett said. “They see a certain situation a certain way, they feel like the best option is to go out of bounds. I think when we went back and looked at the tape, we said, ‘You can stick your nose in there a little more.’ It’s not cowardice. He’s the furthest thing from that. Just watch the rest of the game. Sometimes you make a judgment about how you see a situation and make a decision. When you re-evaluate it on tape you think, maybe I could’ve done something different.”

Murray said it comes down to being selective, and he thought he made a good choice. But it wasn’t because he was trying to protect against injury.

“When they got you trapped in, the sideline is there, you don’t have much room,” he said. “There’s a guy coming from the inside, there’s a guy on top of you, you got to be smart in situations like that. More times than not, I definitely think I’ll deliver the blow. But just trying to be smart at times like that.”

Murray ran for 86 yards and averaged 6.1 yards. He was asked if it irritated him, with those kind of numbers, that he was being asked questions about going out of bounds.

"No, not at all," he said. "I think, as a running back, you got to be smart in situations like that. more times than not, I deliver the blow, and it really doesn't do much in situations like that. So I just got to move on to the next play. Good play, bad play, you always got to move on to the next play."

He said it’s not because of the new rule that prohibits lining up an opponent and using the top of the helmet.

“I haven’t changed my style at all,” he said. “Just maybe that one run, you know, I guess it’s a huge deal. But I’m not worried about it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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