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November 25, 2013

Romo's advice to Dez on sideline after fumble: Forget the bogey, move on to the next hole

Tony Romo said he told Dez Bryant on the sideline nothing is more important than plays with the ball, but he also told him it’s important to forget about them and go on to the next one when something bad happens.

For example, a fumble after a catch, which happened for Bryant in the fourth quarter Sunday against the Giants.

“You know, I told him on the sideline, obviously, the ball, there’s nothing bigger in the game than those plays,” Romo said. “He had the drop and then the other one with the fumble that obviously took us out of field position.”

Bryant said he was “heartbroken” after the fumble, and he sat with his head in his hands on the bench.

But Romo said his advice to him was to remember that the next play is more important than the last one.

“You just have to have that mental approach to come back,” Romo said. “It’s just like a quarterback who throws an interception, or a golfer who makes a double bogey. You just have to figure out the game isn’t over. You didn’t play all 18 holes yet. If you’re still in it, you’ve got to be able to say, ‘Alright, I’m pissed, but I’ll worry about that later, tomorrow, and we’ll figure that out and get better. Right now, our team needs me to play at the best that I can play.’

“And Dez does a good job of that.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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