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December 15, 2013

Beasley takes blame for last INT; Romo says he shouldn't have put the ball where defense could make a play on it

Cole Beasley said it was his fault Tony Romo’s last pass was intercepted.

“I got to keep running. That was on me. That is all it was,” Beasley said. “Stopped when I should have kept going.”

Beasley, who caught three passes for 19 yards, said he saw a defender where he was going and stopped.

“I just saw the corner and thought I was down in the hole. I don’t have the option to do that on that play. I should have kept going,” he said. “I got a good feel for holes, and I felt a little hole right there. But on that play, I can’t really read it like that. I just got to keep going. On other plays I can do that, but on this one I couldn’t.”

Romo agreed the route was cut off, but said he should not have put the ball in a position where it could have been intercepted.

“He ended up cutting his route off, and I threw it as if he was going to continue to go to the sidelines,” Romo said. “We’ll get that right and go back and assess the process and get it right.”

The play was on second-and-1.

Asked if the play was supposed to be a run, Romo said, “No, it’s a run call we have. We’ll have it up three to five to six times a game where you will throw the ball because you get a bad look into the run. That’s a time, when I look back now, we should have run the ball because I threw an interception. We shouldn’t ever give them a chance to have the ball. We’ve got to get better. I’ve got to do better than that.”

Asked what made him change the play to a pass, Romo said, “They overloaded the side we were going to run the ball to, and I ended up throwing to the man who was 1-on-1. The defense did a really good job of coming in on me instead of following the tackle down. It was my fault to, obviously, put the ball in a position where the defense could make a play.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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