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December 14, 2013

Callahan says it's always in the plan to get playmakers the ball early, but sometimes it doesn't work out

It’s always in the plan to get players like Dez Bryant the ball early in a game, but it doesn’t always work out, offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said.

“When we plan the openers, we plan them to get everybody involved, and we try to get it to the playmakers,” he said. “That’s the first thing we think about, is how are we going to get these guys the ball – Dez and Witt and obviously Miles and Beasley and Terrance. We try to spread the ball around, distribute it as best we can and take advantage of Dez and take advantage of Witt and the things that they do well.”

Callahan said he does become aware when a player like Bryant hasn’t gotten the ball by a certain point of a game.

“I think we’re aware of it,” Callahan said. “We’re conscious of it – I am, I know that – just because of their value to our team, so we’re always trying to get it in their hands, whoever it may be, whoever we think can step up and make a play, provide a critical play for our offense. We’re always going to do that.”

But Callahan said no one is on a “schedule” to get the ball.

“I think it’s more we try to fit them into the sequence or the series of what we’re doing and how we’re emphasizing it,” he said. “But it’s planned down. Now, those plans don’t always hold up, because you may break the script and get into a red zone or a third down, or you may get into a different area of the field or down and distance that takes you off that script, and then you get into another area where there are plays designed for them as well.”

Asked how to get Miles Austin going, considering he has only four catches in three games since returning to the lineup, Callahan said there are certain down and distances for him.

“Every route that we have, there’s an opportunity for him to get it,” Callahan said. “He may not be the primary, but he may be the secondary, and then there are routes designed for him as a primary receiver. We’re trying to spread the ball around to everybody. And then when you’re running it, of course, and you’re having success running the ball, you may be not throwing it as much, so you try to mix in some play action, some run actions with some other people as well. We’re doing our best to get everybody the ball.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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