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December 06, 2013

Cowboys had to work indoors, but made the most of it with a 'fast, fast' practice

Bill Callahan said the Cowboys condensed practice Friday to allow for travel to and from Highland Park High School, but it also made for a fast-paced practice.

“When you get into an environment when it’s closed and you’re on field turf, it lends itself to a fast, fast practice,” the offensive coordinator said. “Because of the travel, Coach cut down on the number of reps and periods we had. I thought the players did a great job just executing. The tempo of practice, compared to yesterday, coming off a long break and coming into today’s practice, I thought we came up a few notches, so that was really encouraging to see.

“You need that type of timing, obviously, when you’re getting ready to go on the road and play in a game like this on Monday night.”

Quarterback Tony Romo also said the practice was fast.

“Guys were moving,” he said. “You could see everyone was committed to coming out and having a good practice and going full speed. It was great to see. Everyone was fresh and ready to go.”

If the Cowboys had their choice, they would have practiced outdoors Friday, but the Valley Ranch fields could not be cleared of ice. They still plan to practice outside on Saturday.

"We had some good outside work done in the last few weeks," Callahan said. "Probably get outside again tomorrow. I remember being with the Raiders, it would be 80, 85 degrees. You’d fly from sunny California to the cold weather up in the north, northeast and you’d have to play in the elements, or Denver, for that matter. So the players aren’t really affected by it. They adapt pretty quickly."

-- Carlos Mendez

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