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December 15, 2013

Dez Bryant explains on Twitter why he walked off the field

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant took to Twitter on Sunday night to explain why he walked to the locker room with 1:21 left in the 37-36 loss to the Packers.
It came after the game-sealing interception from quarterback Tony Romo. Bryant walked off after the replay officials reversed the call on the field that the pass was incomplete, giving the interception to cornerback Tramon Williams.
Bryant, after declining to speak with reporters after the game, later explained his actions in a tweet on @dezbryant: 
"I walked back to the locker room because I was emotional...it had nothing to do with my teammates we had it... We fought and didn't finish." 
Bryant was the only Cowboys player to leave the field early, but quarterback Tony Romo refused to criticize him for his actions.

"It's an emotional game," Romo said. "You get to the end there, obviously, it's not fun for any of us to lose a football game. It's not an enjoyable process the way it ends, no matter how it ends. It's always tough emotionally so it is what it is." 

Bryant had a solid game, finishing with 11 catches for 153 yards and a touchdowns. However, he could have had better numbers as Romo underthrew him on two deep balls and overthrew him on another in the end zone.

"I think the worst thing you can do sometimes with Dez is overthrow him," Romo said. "Obviously, you’d like to hit him perfectly in stride. Sometimes (tempted to underthrow), he’s such a great athlete, he comes down with most of them. I look back and I wish I had one or two where I gave it a little bit more. But usually, I make sure if I err ever it’s slightly less because he always goes up and gets it. Obviously, I look back, I’ll push those down the field if I have that opportunity."

-- Clarence Hill 


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