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December 22, 2013

Following the win, a giddy Jerry Jones talked fan apathy and his continued Super Bowl hopes

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had no interest in talking about Jason Garrett’s future following his team’s crucial 24-23 victory against the Washington Redskins.

When the Cowboys were down 23-14, he was thinking more about the devastation of being out of the playoffs rather than Garrett’s future because it would mean he would have to give up on his Super Bowl hopes. With the win, Jones can still dream about making the playoffs and making a Super Bowl bid for the first time since 1995.

  “Really from my perspective, accounting to you, accounting to everyone here, and our fans through you, thats not where the angst is for me,” Jones said. “I’m not trying to make light of it, because I do have such respect for the responsibility that you have to our fans. And so I know it’s coming, I know how it comes. I know I get edgy sometimes when you are having to do it, but that wasn’t what was worrying me. What was worrying me was, just for the most part, getting out of contention. See, I haven’t taken a breath since July not thinking that I can still walk out in the Super Bowl. And when reality hits, that will make you sad, if in fact you get yourself out of it. And the facts are I would have been watching that score of in Philadelphia tonight real good too, just to show you how you can dream. But to come back and win and go home with a real success here, and this is a success, to go home with that success for our defense and offense, both to have success at the end of the game, to get ready to play, we are coming out of here with a whole lot more than we had when we got to Washington.”

Jones was asked if the Cowboys put on a show on Sunday with the dramatic comeback win. He had a laugh about the criticism he took this week for suggesting fans should enjoy the entertainment of the NFL after last week’s 37-36 loss to the Packers. He wanted it clear that winning was first and foremost for him.

 “I’ve been in trouble for those kinds of comments,” Jones said. “What it is, there’s no question about it, we’re [in it] to win because the rewards. If we go out here and win, then we’ve got a chance for some serious rewards. The other part of it, that interest, a lot of that, that entertainment aspect and those kinds of things, that’ll take care of itself.”

Still Jones acknowledged that there won’t be any fan apathy today or heading into next Sunday’s winner take all battle with the Eagles in the season final.

“Well, tonight I don’t think there’s going to be any apathy,” Jones said with a laugh. “A lot of criticism, and I deserve that. A lot of people mad, a lot of people want me to do differently, but not apathy. And I didn’t think so the other day, either. I didn’t think we were suffering from apathy. This thing that we do is an amazing thing. It’s an exciting thing. The wins and the elation is real. Really getting kicked is real, too. I didn’t have this before the Cowboys in business life. I didn’t have these kind of feelings, and I had some hard disappointments, some bad phone calls in my business.”

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