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December 04, 2013

Garrett disputes idea that Terrance Williams is in a slump, liked his performance after opening fumble against Raiders

Terrance Williams impressed coach Jason Garrett by making plays in the Oakland game after his fumble on the opening kickoff, and he brushed off the idea that the rookie receiver is in a slump.

“It’s hard-pressed to expect any receiver to score touchdowns week in and week out,” Garrett said.

Williams fumbled the opening kickoff against the Raiders, but he came back with three catches for 23 yards, targeted six times. It was his most catches since the Philadelphia game in Week 7 and his most targets since Detroit in Week 8.

After catching a touchdown pass in four consecutive games – Denver, Washington, Philadelphia and Detroit – Williams has only one, at New Orleans.

“I thought Terrance had a really good game the other day,” Garrett said. “You might look at me and say, ‘Well, he fumbled the opening kickoff and they returned it for a touchdown,’ but his response to that – if you’re a veteran player, your response to that is really important, and it’s telling about who you are. I think it’s particularly telling when you’re talking about a rookie.”

Garrett said Williams did good work in catching a 14-yard pass on third-and-13 in the second half.

“If you look at the rest of the game, how he covered on the coverage units and how he made plays – two big third-down conversions for us, a contested catch on a third-and-5; I think we converted a third-and-13 on an in-cut that he ran – so really he did a good job responding to that,” Garrett said. “And that’s really telling about who he is, the kind of character he has just to come back, because the nature of this game is you’re going to have things that go against you, and how you respond to it is critical. He did a good job of that on Thursday.”

For the year, Williams has 33 catches for 531 yards and five touchdowns. It’s the seventh-most catches and yards by a rookie in club history. Next on the team list are Jason Witten’s 35 catches in 2003 and Dez Bryant’s 351 yards in 2010.

-- Carlos Mendez

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