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December 06, 2013

Garrett says Cowboys have a good 'get-back' coach for keeping sideline clear (and preventing $100,000 fines)

Jason Garrett said the $100,000 fine levied on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin served as a reminder about keeping the sideline clear.

“We all have a tendency to want to get out there a little bit closer,” Garrett said at his Thursday press conference, then gave a good-natured example of how the Cowboys try to stay clear. “We have the best ‘get-back’ coach in the business in Mike Woicik. You can be in the middle of calling a play, and he’ll tell you to get back.”

Garrett laughed. “Like, do I have to go now or can I finish calling this play?”

Garrett said Woicik, the team strength coach, takes the job that seriously.

“He takes it very seriously and we take it very seriously because that can be a factor in the game, obviously,” Garrett said. “That is a good reminder for everybody out there on the field. We got to make sure we stay back.”

Asked if a coach can lose perspective of where he is on the field, Garrett said, “Very easily. Absolutely.”

And was the $100,000 a deterrent?

“I think that’s probably a good deterrent for everybody,” Garrett said, and smiled again.

-- Carlos Mendez

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