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December 11, 2013

Jason Garrett continues to throw his support behind aged and embattled DC Monte Kiffin

Coach Jason Garrett echoed owner Jerry Jones on Wednesday when he said he still believes the embattled and aged Monte Kiffin, 73, is the right man to run the Cowboys defense.

The Cowboys defense ranks last in NFL overall (426.8) and last against the pass. They are also last in first downs allowed.

 But Garrett said his faith in Kiffin has not wavered, even though they showed some signs of stopping the Bears in Monday’s 45-28 loss.

"Absolutely," Garrett said when asked about the confidence level in Kiffin. "Well, we just have to go back to work. We have to look at what happened in the ballgame. There were some technical things. There were some scheme things. We just have to make the necessary corrections. A couple of different times in the year we’ve had some bad games and games where we didn’t do what we needed to do on defense and we made the corrections and we played better. We simply have to do that again."

 Asked what he has seen from Kiffin this season that gives him confidence that he can fix the defense, Garrett it’s simply a must. He said the Cowboys have responded well to bad games earlier in the season and he is hopeful they can do so again.

“Like I said earlier, I think at different times we’ve responded well to these kinds of games,” Garrett said. “And that’s happened over the course of this season, where teams have had a lot of yards, they’ve scored a lot of points, and we’ve gotten back to work and made adjustments that we think would help our football team, and we’ve played better. So we’ve simply got to do that again. It’s happened a couple times, like I said, and we just got to make sure down the stretch we do the same thing and it impacts our play. Well, we’re certainly in this situation that we’re in, and the challenge is for us to simply do that, as players and as coaches. So the opportunity is going to happen at 3:25 on Sunday afternoon against the Packers.”

 Clarence Hill


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