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December 17, 2013

Jerry radio: Not afraid of fan apathy because of 'show,' manages Cowboys on 'risky basis,' GM hire duplicates work

Jerry Jones said on his radio show Tuesday he’s not afraid of fan apathy because games like Sunday’s 37-36 loss to the Packers are “a show,” and he again outlined the reason he won’t hire a general manager.

Asked by KRLD FM 105.3 FM “The Fan” if he worries about fan apathy, Jones said, “Not with games like the other day. That’s, you know, that’s a show, if you want to look at it that way. That’s not what we’re there to do. We’re there to win the ballgame and go forward and win the next ballgame. But it’s, there’s no orchestrating that the other day. I think everyone knows what’s at stake. We spent more money on this ball team than anybody in the NFL did this year. We have the leading, No. 1 spend on a football team, right here. We let it all hang out. And we should. And we’ve got players that I believe, if you stack them up around the league, if you talk to different people around the league, we’ve got quality players on this team that can win. Our coaches, Jason has had over the last six, seven years, he’s had experience that you can’t replicate. All of these things can kick in and make us a winning combination. We’ve had that before.”

Asked by the show host if after 10 or 15 years of “great shows that seem to end badly,” doesn’t that effect wear off, Jones said, “I’d like to have won another Super Bowl or two over the last 15 years. Our style is to go for it. It really is to go for it. It’s often been said that you ought to be able to have a team that can win eight and lose eight in the NFL. That’s been said quite a bit. And if you look at the record, that’s pretty common for a team to be .500. How do you push it above that? How do you get it going and get in the tournament more? And so that’s what we try to do.”

Jones outlined what motivates his management style with the Cowboys.

“I do it on a risky basis. We go for it,” he said. “We step out here before the year, and we knew we were taking a risk, but we gave Spencer franchise money, which is approximately 11 million bucks, I think. It may be closer to 10. But about 11 million dollars. We put quite a bit of money in that defensive front. We thought that would be the strength of our team. I got to the Cowboys drilling oil and gas wells. You don’t have more ups and downs than you do drilling oil and gas wells in your everyday. With the left hand, you pick up the phone and they tell you, ‘Buddy, you’ve just hit a dry hole. Every dollar you put in is gone.’ With your right hand, you’re on the other phone making a deal to go again. And to some degree, I guess that style is still there, and that’s what we do with the Cowboys.”

Jones said hiring a general manager would be like duplicating work.

“It’s often been said, well why don’t I get someone to be the GM, why don’t I get someone to pick the players?” he said. “Well, who in the world do you think that person, when they walk through the door and say we want to get this player and we want to pay this player, what in the world do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to sit down, and I’m going to go through it, and I’m going to say, ‘Show me the player. Show me everything about the player. Before I write the check. Show me the player, and let me see everything about the player.’ Well, rather than that have happen, I get involved and know everything there is to know about the players before they get to the door. Now, that if you’ve got the time to do it, that’s a better way to do it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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