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December 10, 2013

Jerry Jones says Cowboys defense must take more risks, because conservative is not working

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it is time for the defense to change tactics and take more chances.

“We can do some things different out there,” he said after the Cowboys’ 45-28 loss to the Bears, the third time this year they allowed 40 or more points. “It’s not as safe, but it could be more effective maybe – get us a turnover when it might have made a difference and change the tide out there. I’ll assure you that we’ll be doing some different things up against Green Bay that’ll be a little different cast of players out here against Green Bay.”

Jones said he is not calling for a philosophy change on defense.

“No, no, I’m not at all. I’m not talking about philosophy. I’m not talking about technique,” he said. “What I’m talking about is within what you saw out there tonight.  There were times when we took more risks. They hit us on one when we were taking more risks and then actually scored a touchdown when we were taking more risks. My quick first blush is we just need to take more risk. A more conservative approach like tonight, the results are going to be the same. So we’ve got to somehow try to get more turnovers.”

Jones said the game was as shocking as the New Orleans game and was disappointed that the offense did not keep up.

“I knew that defensively, this thing would probably be a track meet, from our defense standpoint,” he said. “I really thought that with those big receivers that we would have a difficult time stopping them. Obviously if you do really try to put the pressure on them, they do like they did on their last touchdown and throw a screen or a dump pass and get it in the end zone. They gave us a lot of problems. They’re a good offensive team. We suffered because of it, and it took us out of our offense, and that’s the story of the game.”

The Cowboys face a short week to prepare for Green Bay, which may get Aaron Rodgers back this week.

“On the short week, we’ve got to really turn around,” Jones said. “We’ve got to do what we told the players. The team’s got to do it, and we’ve got to look for a way to come up with whatever gimmick, whatever plan that we can to get us, get the ball and get some either turnovers or get some possessions.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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