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December 26, 2013

Jon Kitna on donating entire salary to school: "It's what our life's work has been. I've lived a good life."

When Jon Kitna came out of retirement earlier this week to help as the third quarterback he is not only helping the Cowboys in an emergency situation to prepare for Sunday's do or die game against the Philadelphia Eagles he will also be coming to the aid of the impoverished Lincoln High School athletic department in Tacoma, Wash.
It's Kitna's alma mater and it's where he returned to teach after retiring from the Cowboys following the 2011 season. He will get roughly $54,000 in salary for work this week after signing with the Cowboys who needed his services because starter Tony Romo is unlikely to play Sunday because of a back injury and there was no other quarterback on the roster behind backup Kyle Orton.
Kitna said he is donating "whatever he gets" to his high school where roughly "85 percent of the student population is below the poverty line.
While it's a noble act, it wasn't second thought for Kitna, who made millions during a 15-year NFL career, because he was already donating his entire teacher salary to the booster program.
"There has never been any other thought," Kitna said. "That’s what we are doing anyways, whether it’s teacher’s salary or this salary. It’s what our life’s work has been since I retired anyways. I've lived a good life."
Kitna said the money will go helping feeding the athletes at his school and getting them on a good nutrition program.
Kitna said he and wife starting a foundation years ago in hopes of raising money for endeavors like this but took a hit in the stock market.
 "We started a foundation 10 years ago and we were hoping to have money in that foundation that would be specifically for what I’m doing now," Kitna said "But unfortunately when the market dropped and all this stuff went under, we lost $750,000 out of our foundation, and there was nothing we could do about it. But it’s what my wife does. She started a booster program along with my sister-in-law, and they spend about $25,000 a year just feeding the young men.For us, we feel like we have some Division I talented young men in our program that are doing great. But they need some supplements to their diet. One thing we are going to do is use money that we have raised, and we have had a lot of donations and things like that, to get protein for these young men so their bodies get what they need." 
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