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December 16, 2013

Morris Claiborne hopes to return this season from his hamstring injury

Morris Claiborne learned his lesson the last time he tried to come back from a hamstring injury: Let it completely heal before attempting a return.

Claiborne first returned to the field against the Giants on Nov. 24 after missing two games and taking the bye week to let his injury heal. It was not long enough.

He played only 32 of 67 plays before leaving. The second-year cornerback has not been back since.

Claiborne has missed the past three games. He does not know when he will return.

"I’m confident [he can return this season], but you just have to take the right precautions with a hamstring injury," Claiborne said Monday during the team's annual childrens' hospital visits. "You never know how it’s going to turn out. It can feel great and you go out and play and then all of a sudden, make a wrong move and you’re going back over it again."

Claiborne, one of 10 Cowboys who have had a hamstring injury this season, said his rehab will continue today at Valley Ranch.

"I’m coming along pretty good," he said. "I had a good week last week and trying to build on that this week."

It has not been Claiborne's season. He dislocated his shoulder in Week 1, and his father, Robert Owens, died unexpectedly on Dec. 4. Claiborne spent time with his family in Shreveport, La.

"It was very hard," Claiborne said. "I just had to make the right decisions. At that time, my family needed me more, so I needed to be there."

He does have a new baby girl, though. Madison was born Dec. 8.

-- Charean Williams





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