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December 19, 2013

Romo says he should have eaten the ball: 'I understand that, more than anybody'

Tony Romo said he should have eaten the ball rather than throw it on the second-and-6 play where he was intercepted, giving Green Bay the ball to set up the winning score in a rally from 23 points down.

One reason he didn’t is because the offenses for both teams were moving the ball.

“I think that played a role in that thought process,” he said. “If the score would have been 10-7, I think that would have changed it a little bit. More than anything, I can’t make that decision in that situation. Got to eat the ball. I understand that, more than anybody. We’ve done a good job of that all year long. When you look back, one throw all year, you’d want that one back.”

Romo said he was following the rules of the play, going to a pass when he saw an unfavorable matchup with the run, despite knowing that a pass risked stopping the clock or being intercepted.

“You just go by your rules, and you look to run certain looks, and you look to pass in other ones,” he said. “Obviously, like I said before, if you could do it again, you wouldn’t make the same choice. More than anything, it came up a little differently because I had to make a guy miss, and you just got to eat the ball at that point.”

Romo said the option to pass out of that run play is nothing new. He said the Cowboys have used it for the past five years, and there are examples where it has worked out.

“You hear about the ones that you lose, but you don’t hear about the ones that we do a good job with, the calls that are made, the end of games against New York, Oakland, Minnesota,” he said. “So that’s part of the game. And you understand that.”

Asked how he keeps late-game disappointments from breaking his spirit, he said, “We’ve had plenty of late-game victories. If your football team is good enough, over time, you’re not going to play in 10 of them, 12 games like that in two years. We’ve been playing in them every week, and we understand that. Like I said before, the games are going to come down to a possession, and we’ve had a lot of success in those situations, and we’re going to have a lot going forward.”

 -- Carlos Mendez

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