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December 13, 2013

Witten says offense can't lose trust in defense, which is 'working their tails off to get it fixed'

The Cowboys didn’t force a punt against Chicago, and they’re last in the league in defense. But Jason Witten said the offense isn’t going to lose trust in the other side of the ball.

“You can’t lose trust in them,” he said. “That’s what makes this game great. That’s across the board. You got to be able to rally it up and put pressure on yourself as an offense to do better. But you also just have to trust them. They’re working their tails off to get it fixed and clean it up.”

Witten said the game is already hard enough without believing you have to score every time you have the ball.

“It’s too hard of a game to try to put more on your shoulders,” he said. “Obviously, we have high expectations for ourselves on offense. You got to rely on that and trust that, and I’m sure they’re probably trusting us to do the same.”

The Cowboys’ offense ranks 22nd in the NFL, the first time under Tony Romo that it has been worse than 13th.

“I think it all works together,” Witten said. “Obviously, it was a tough game. I don’t think you look at it offensively and say we got to do more. It’s a tough league. You have to trust that. Obviously their offense is having success, but you have confidence in your defense, and they have confidence in us. That’s the way the games work. You lose together, you win together, and you build on that. I don’t think you can think of any of that other stuff. I know we don’t do that as a football team.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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