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January 24, 2014

Jerry Jones lays out his thinking on drafting a QB: not high and not to sit and develop for somebody else

As Tony Romo recovers from a second surgery in 2013, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is no more inclined to draft a quarterback with a high pick.

If Jones drafts a quarterback, it is to play right away. And he figures a young quarterback, particularly a drop-back quarterback, will not play right away for the Cowboys.

“I don’t anticipate drafting a quarterback high with where we are with Romo, especially one that might can play immediately,” Jones said at the Senior Bowl. “And several of these guys in today’s NFL are playing pretty quick – Wilson and Kapernick and those guys who are move-around types. Some of those guys who take a little more seasoning are your traditional quarterbacks, so all of that would figure in. An early pick would be more inclined to be one that you would say, ‘Use now.’ ”

Romo is under contract to the Cowboys for six more years, although, at age 34 when the season begins next year, he almost certainly won’t play it out. Jones said the Cowboys have to project when any new quarterback would have a window to start playing.

“When you draft out of that first round, those are four-year contracts and three-year contracts as you go down,” Jones said. “So to some degree, you’re just drafting one to develop for somebody else.”

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the Cowboys are open to the idea, however.

“You always have to be open to that,” he said. “Yeah. Whether it’s a guy ultimately that one day is your future, even if it at some point enables you to not have a veteran backup, that saves you money if you’re able to hit on a guy like that. So we’re always open to that.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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