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February 23, 2014

Jerry Jones: Decision needs to be made on DeMarcus Ware's future because of high salary and health

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team has a decision to make with former Pro Bowl defensive DeMarcus Ware because his high salary and seemingly declining play due to injuries.

Ware, who had just six sacks last year and recently underwent elbow surgery, has a $12 million base salary for 2014 and a $16 million cap figure. It stands to the reason that a Cowboys team with financial issues might want to address Ware’s contract by either asking him to take a pay cut or cutting him.

While the former decision is more prudent, the latter is tough to visualize for Jones without having a known commodity on the roster to replace the team’s all-time leader in sacks when it’s time to play football again next year.

“I don't want to get into what we want to do there, or what we are likely to do there,” Jones said. “But we have been counting on DeMarcus Ware to be the best player we got on defense. It is tough for him to practice. He hasn't been able to practice. It's not that he doesn't want to practice, it's just that he hasn't been able to practice. DeMarcus is paid like the best player on defense. You got to look at a lot of things here. As we evaluate either or, it's a question of, if not DeMarcus, then who. No one, no one has been a better and is a better Dallas Cowboy than DeMarcus Ware. He has been exemplary in every way. But the facts are in football, when you start not being able to practice and you start not being able to really get your reps, then you can be DeMarcus Ware, who is a Hall of Famer, and get compromised by not being able to do fundamental things to get ready. So I look at that. Those are things you have to look at.”

Jones said no decision has been made and the Cowboys are not on time table to make one. They have not yet discussed th eir options with Ware or his agent Pat Dye.

“No. Not these issues.” Jones said.  Again, I wouldn't discuss timing because I don't have a time. Could do it this afternoon. Could do it tomorrow afternoon. Or could do it a week from today, or two weeks from today. But, no, we haven't thought about it. I'm not planning on visiting with him today, not DeMarcus, not his agent.”

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