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May 09, 2014

Jerry Jones said the flash of Johnny Manziel was never a factor for him, despite what people thought

Many pundits linked Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to the Cowboys because owner Jerry Jones’ supposed love for the circus-like atmosphere.

It was reasoned there was no way Jones would resist the temptation of the flash of Manziel and the chance to sell tickets if he was available when it was the Cowboys turn to pick at 16.

The supposed match made in Jerryworld heaven was certainly there for the taking on Thursday night. But Jones said the Cowboys never gave it a thought.

“John Madden once told me ‘the Cowboys have all the flash and visibility you can conjure up, make the decision to get the best players and coaches to win the game. You got the rest. You don’t need big time flash to be successful in the NFL’, Jones recalled. “Frankly (drafting Manziel) was never even a thought.”

It was never a thought because the Cowboys have a quarterback in Tony Romo and because they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take Notre Dame offensive tackle Zach Martin.

Jones said the Cowboys actually considered several trade offers when they were on the clock but ultimately turned them down.

 “Tony had every thing to do with this decision,” Jones said. “We have a big commitment to Tony. There is no way a quarterback comes in and beats out Tony Romo.  Romo’s contract as well as by commitment…he is going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys for years to come. That was going through our minds from get go. It’s why didn’t spend a lot of time on drafting Manziel.  Giving up this player that really enhances what we can do on offense didn’t make sense. The fact that Martin was there mitigated any thinking whether we go with Johnny."

Clarence Hill


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