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June 11, 2014

Frederick says assistant line coach Frank Pollack's 'more direct role' last year paid off

Center Travis Frederick said it’s going to be a benefit this year to have Bill Callahan and Frank Pollack both working with the offensive line.

Last season, Callahan’s play-calling duties took him away from close work with the line. Pollack took over on the sideline for Callahan, and Pollack’s influence is credited for the improvement in the running game and zone-blocking scheme over the last half of the season.

“I don’t know how much credit he’s gotten, but I certainly think that he deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done,” Frederick said this week during OTAs. “Obvoiusly with Coach Callahan being in the offensive coordinator role and stuff last year, coach Pollack spent a lot more time with us in a more direct role. So I think that he was very responsible for a lot of things that happened last year. Coach Callahan was certainly still very involved. It’s extremely nice this year to have them both around all the time.”

Frederick said he learned a lot from Pollack about what it takes for longevity in the league. Pollack played nine years, starting with the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted him in 1990, then the Denver Broncos and then the 49ers again. He won Super Bowl XXIX with the 49ers.

“Knows what it takes,” Frederick said. “He knows about the longevity of it, what you have to do to keep your body right and what you have to do to be good enough to stay in the league for eight or 10 years. So I really like learning from him. He’s a little bit younger – not to say Coach Callahan is too old; I would never say something like that – but he kind of knows what’s going on inside a little bit more. It’s good to hear from multiple perspectives. I really like that you have Coach Callahan – he’s an offensive genius – and you have Coach Pollack, who’s been in it, been in the fray, been in our positions, and you can kind of relate to it a little bit.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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