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June 12, 2014

Sean Lee has successful knee surgery and should return stronger than ever

Sean Lee should be stronger than ever when he returns from knee surgery.

Dr. Dan Cooper, the Cowboys' team doctor, repaired Lee's torn left anterior cruciate ligament Thursday morning. Lee was injured May 27, the first day of organized team activities. 

"He had surgery this morning and by all accounts the surgery went well," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "I talked to Sean extensively about it yesterday. He feels good about it and got him all cleaned up, and he’ll be back and doing his rehab before you know it and he’ll be back on the playing field before you know it."

Lee partially tore the ACL in the left knee in 2009 while a senior at Penn State and never had it repaired. Because of that, head athletic trainer Jim Maurer said Lee will return stronger.

"I have already told him, 'We're going to be fine,'" Maurer said. "You're going to play for six more years. This ACL, we're going to get this fixed."

The typical rehab time for a torn ACL is 7-9 months. But since the Cowboys have no need to make an immediate roster move, they have time to see how his rehab is proceeding before facing a decision about whether to place him on season-ending injured reserve.

"There’s certainly an allocated amount of time that it takes for guys to heal, coming back from these kinds of injuries," Garrett said. "Sean’s going to come in here every day and do everything he can to get himself back. It’s going to take some time. We all understand that. He understands that. He’s been down this road before. But you’ve heard me say this before: He’s as mentally tough a guy I’ve ever been around. He has as much passion for this game and for being great in this game as anybody I’ve ever been around. So those are all positive things for his rehab.

"You obviously don’t want to push these things. Anybody who’s got an injury, whatever that injury is, you want to make sure that you rehab the right way every day and you follow the prescribed time table. We’re going to be aggressive, more aggressive than the common citizen, but having said that, we’ve got to make sure we give him the necessary time."

-- Charean Williams



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