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June 17, 2014

Spurs championship run inspires Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t have to look too far to find a team that exemplifies everything they want to be about. The San Antonio Spurs, fresh off winning their fifth NBA championship, served as the perfect example.

Quarterback Tony Romo spoke glowingly of what the Spurs accomplished this season, including defeating the two-time defending champion Miami Heat in five games during the finals.

“That’s how basketball is meant to be played,” Romo said. “It was just a great collection of individuals who came together as a team and you can just see it. It wasn’t about any one person and that’s what all teams are trying to get to. They just exemplified what you strive for in team sports.”

Romo went on to show off his basketball knowledge by breaking down the differences between the Spurs teams during their first championship runs to now.

“The old Spurs, they’d slow the game down, throw it inside, look for a good shot and that worked out well,” Romo said. “They’re not that way anymore. They’re a team that is going to push the ball, they’re going to run pick-and-roll but a lot of that is to create space on the floor, so they can kick the ball and have four or five shooters on the floor at all times.

“It’s a testament to their staff and their players to change with the times. Even though they won championships a different way, they evolved into this team and they’re not dependent on any one individual. … If you watch them, it’s a great, beautiful game that they play.”

The Spurs love didn’t stop there. Coach Jason Garrett also spoke highly of the Spurs, saying they were the focus of the team’s meeting this morning.

“It’s hard not to appreciate what they’ve done through these playoffs,” Garrett said. “You can’t deny brilliance. You can’t deny excellence. That’s what they are. They’re the quintessential team.

“I don’t care if you’re a Miami Heat fan, if you’re an LA Laker fan, if you’re a Dallas Mavericks fans and you watch that series and how they played throughout the playoffs, it’s hard not to have an appreciation for what they’ve done.

"The coach is as good as it gets. It’s everything you aspire to when you’re trying to build a franchise and build a team. There are a lot of lessons we can learn, a lot of lessons a lot of teams can learn because they do it the right way and they do it at the highest level.”

-- Drew Davison


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